Syberia The World Before will be released in the first quarter of 2022

A few days ago, before the Game Awards ceremony, Microids announced that Syberia The World Before would be postponed to 2022. Still some tweaking in sight.

Syberia The World Before (The World Before) is therefore now scheduled for 2022, without further clarification. This is indeed what Microids announced a few days ago. Remember that the title “was originally scheduled for December 10, and therefore it will not be … Unless there is a Christmas miracle? Well no, lost!

Service message

It is therefore by a message in due form, reproduced below, that the French publisher has confirmed the information:

Syberia The World Before delayed to 2022

As you have just read, because we trust you, Syberia The World Before will thus see the light of day during the first quarter of 2022. The idea is, as often, “to improve the gaming experience”, and thus “to offer an immersive adventure faithful to the universe of Benoît Sokal”, designer of the saga.

let’s remember that Syberia is a critically acclaimed saga that first saw the light of day almost twenty years ago. It was created by the late screenwriter and designer Benoît Sokal. This new episode should thus offer players the opportunity to discover the rest of the famous adventures of the heroine Kate Walker.

Super saga?

The pitch of the game, since you asked us, is as follows. During a journey full of twists and turns and as the influence of the Brown Shadow continues to spread in Europe, you will have to discover what bond unites Kate Walker and Dana Roze. Two characters who will face threats across two distinct temporalities …

More precisely … We are in Vaghen, in 1937: Dana Roze is a young girl of 17, who starts a brilliant career as a pianist. But its future darkens as the fascist threat of the Dark Shadow hangs over Europe at the dawn of World War II …

In short, more than ever, to find out much more, see you in the first quarter of 2022!