System Shock will be released this summer, check out the trailer and final demo

A month ago we found out that we could expect a new, playable demo version of System Shock (and the possibility to pre-book the game) at the end of February. And now you can really download the demo via Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store, and pre-purchase the game for an affordable 38 euros.

Not only that; Nighdive Studios has also also sung inform that the ambitious remake will be released sometime towards the end of the summer via the above-mentioned digital stores. The updated, final demo version offers, among other things, a cyberspace level, new audiologists with real voice actors, new replicas of the original Shodan voice Terri Brosius, a mutilation system, new enemies, a new “generating” music system, sparse functionality, difficulty levels and destructible items . What more could you ask for?

Here is a new trailer for System Shock.