Tado’s new function will monitor energy consumption

Smart thermostat manufacturer Tado is now launching a new Energy IQ function in its app that will make it easier for homeowners to keep track of their energy consumption.

The Energy IQ function reads data from the energy meter in the smart climate system and calculates the costs for heat consumption based on that. The user can thus at any time see their exact heating costs and energy consumption.

The app can also provide data-driven recommendations to reduce its energy consumption while the user can maintain their desired level of comfort. There are also energy saving features such as geofencing, Open Window Detection and Weather Adaptation.

– At present, many Swedish households have heated their homes without fully understanding the effect on their monthly bill. Our new app feature “Energy IQ” will be the world’s first solution where users can decide in advance how much money they want to spend on heating costs in a month and make changes to adjust this cost, says Christian Deilmann, co-founder and CPO at Tado , in a press release.

The Energy IQ function is currently available to all Auto-Assist users who have a home heat meter that controls home heating.

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