Take a break! Now comes Instagram’s new “teen features”

Now Instagram has introduced new features that the photo sharing service says are there to protect teens and provide support to parents.

In the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Instagram is now launching a “Take a break” feature that encourages long-scrolled teen users to take a break. The function needs to be activated manually and will arrive in Sweden at the beginning of next year.

In future, Instagram will also be stricter regarding what kind of content the app recommends for teenagers. If a teenager has been watching one type of content for a long time, Instagram will start suggesting other content. Users will also not be able to tag or name teen user accounts that do not follow them.

For parents, Instagram will launch tools in March 2022 that allow them to see how much time their teen spends on Instagram and decide if there should be a time limit. Teen users will also be able to choose to notify their parents if they report another user. There will also be a new training center for parents and guardians.

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