Take a look at Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 Pro and PS5

Looks pretty good here too.

CD Projekt Red today offers a short game presentation of Cyberpunk 2077 on Playstation 4 Pro and Playstation 5. The show is from the beginning of the nomadic fate, in which V and Jackie will smuggle contraband into Night City. The presentation gives a good hum about the quality of the Playstation version when it comes to image updating, shadows and light effects. Purely crass, it looks very good!

Many comment on the empty streets that actually look quite desolate. CD Projekt Red has said that the population’s density is adapted to the time of day and the area, where markets will be more dense during the day and clubs in the evenings. With that said, the speculation is that the density has been adapted to the hardware platform, with this no CD Projekt Red is mentioned.

Just as the Xbox One X show last week did not contain material on the Xbox One, this trailer does not have a performance show from the regular Playstation 4. Therefore, it is unclear at present how the performance is on the seven-year-old consoles. The image material here, on the other hand, looks very good so we can probably feel confident that the performance is similar.

Wild net

Furthermore, we want to warn our readers that one or more copies of Cyberpunk 2077 to Playstation 4 apparently stolen and displayed on streaming services. Therefore beware of spoilers! In addition, the game has not yet seen its day-1 patch that fixes lots of bugs and issues, so the material shown is not representative of the finished product.