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Take on the Dark Knights in DC Universe Online

Take on the Dark Knights in DC Universe Online

Suffering descends on the Multiverse in DC Universe Online‘s new free episode, Dark Knights Perpetua – the creator of the Multiverse – has escaped the Well Wall. Her goal? Recreate the Multiverse by destroying good worlds and transferring power from evil worlds. With this kind of power, no one can stop her.

Well, nobody but you and a desperate alliance of DC superheroes and super villains. You team up to try to dismantle Perpetua’s crisis engines, take on the Dark Knights and stop Perpetua’s twisted visions for the Multiverse from becoming your reality.

New locations and characters

The Washington DC introduced in The Legion of Mischief is now a ruined and twisted playground for The Batman Who Laughs. Destruction is rampant, destroying famous monuments such as the Palace of Justice.

DC Universe Online

You team up with Lex Luthor and visit evil worlds like New Apokolips and Earth 3 to dismantle Perpetua’s power generators. Along the way you will f