Tales of Arise gets 3 DLC, cover from Lindsey Stirling and sells millions of games

Lindsey Stirling does an outstanding cover of Flames of Hope from Tales of Arise.

Bandai Namco proudly announces their latest role-playing game Tales of Arise early after release, 1 million copies sold passed. In the same crank, they roll out one new trailer with flattering quotes from the gaming press. Varvatat’s own review of Tales of Arise is full of honest praise, we recommend you read it if you have not already done so.

Above you can see a fantastic performance by the artist Lindsey Stirling, the well-known American violinist who often makes his own interpretations of lovable playing music. The song in the music video is “Flames of Hope”, one of the more infectious melodies in Tales of Arise.

Fans of Tales of Arise can today download two completely free DLC to the game: Tales of Arise – Additional Difficulty Pack which adds two new levels of difficulty, a very simple one for those who just want to enjoy the story, and an unknown more difficult one that is likely to make the game more difficult. Additional Difficulty Pack can be found via the platform you have the game on.

You can get the other free DLC via Bandai Namco’s ep! C loyalty program. Then you need a registered account, you sign it completely free of charge, and can then acknowledge the download Tales of Arise – Special Training Grounds DLC to your chosen platform. You will then receive a code on your email which you then use in the store on the platform you have the game on. This DLC contains three difficult challenges in the game’s Colosseum.

Sword Art Online: Alicization

The third and final new DLC is Tales of Arise – Sword Art Online Collaboration DLC, a package that gives you a challenging battle against Kirito and Asuna from the famous series Sword Art Online. In addition, you get clothes for Alphen, Shionne and Law, as well as a mystic arte that looks very cool. This DLC costs around 169 SEK and is obtained through the platform you have the game on.