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Tales of Arise unveils its muscle introduction and main theme in video

Tales of Arise unveils its muscle introduction and main theme in video

Long-time elders know that the first contact with the Tales of series begins from the second episode with a beautifully crafted anime introduction, immediately intended to immerse us in the atmosphere of a new universe. In order not to break a tradition several decades ago, the new opus will bend the tradition.

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Bandai Namco had given us an appointment today to unveil the introduction of Tales of Arise, produced by the ufotable studio, very close to the times which run after having carried out the first feature Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

If our reader above assures us that the promise has indeed been kept, the sequence unveiled is not without raising its share of questions, as Alphen and Shionne seem to have very modern reception problems …

友 達 の ピ エ ロ

For the occasion, it is J-Rock’s group Kankaku Piero who signs HIBANA, the theme of this cross-generational episode. Dj well known to spectators of the version anime of Black clover, the four boys in the 風 take the opportunity to recall that they are currently touring their native archipelago. Not crazy, the gupes.

Whether or not you have already walked our preview (very) enthusiastic, you will be able to discover the style of combat specific to each of the protagonists of this intrigue between two plants, and the complementarity which unites the two principal characters.

Let us hope that the old practices of the editor have definitely fallen into disuse, and that we will not have to see the end of the advent