Tarsier Studios says they’re done with Little Nightmares

Earlier this month was released Little Nightmares 2, a cozy platform game by Swedish Tarsier Studios, which the undersigned gave the rating 72 percent and the final rating “an equally annoying and breathtaking adventure” in our review. Now, however, Tarsier Studios announces that they are moving on.

Tarsier Studios was acquired by THQ Nordic owners Embracer Group at the end of 2019, which makes it difficult for Malmöstudion to develop more Little Nightmares, as the brand is owned by Bandai Namco.

– Our collaboration with Bandai Namco has been extremely satisfactory, says Tarsier CEO Andreas Johnsson to IGN Nordic. They listened to our creative vision and embraced our crazy ideas and ambitions.

With that said, it is bittersweet to announce that we are leaving Little Nightmares behind us. Little Nightmares will always be loved by us in the studio. Since we were acquired by Embracer Group in December 2019, it is now time for us to write a new chapter, create new brands and explore new worlds. Personally, I am very excited to see what our studio will create, and I count the days until we can welcome our fans.

Bandai Namco adds that it “has nothing to advertise at this time, but because we got so much love from fans around the world after the launch of Little Nightmares 2, we feel motivated to deliver more content in the future ”. In other words, we learn to get more Little Nightmares at some point, even if it takes a while.