Tasks: Apple may release two new screens – and one with an Apple chip

For those who want a screen from Apple, there may soon be more options than the crazy expensive Pro Display XDR to choose from. As early as January this year, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that Apple is developing a new screen that is more targeted at consumers, and which will have a lower maximum brightness than the Pro Display XDR.

Now comes new information from the often quoted and often credible Twitter profile Dylandkt, which claims that LG is currently developing two new screens that have the same specifications as today’s Imac 24 inch, and the upcoming Imac 27 inch.

Dylandkt claims that these are screens that will be sold as a standalone, Apple-branded screen. It should be added, however, that this could also be new Imac models, even if Dylandkt does not believe so.

According to the information, a 24-inch variant of this screen should not have mini-LED lighting or 120 Hz Promotion technology. It gets, however, the 27-inch.

New Pro Display XDR in progress

Apple may also have a new Pro Display XDR in the works, a screen that may be equipped with its own, unspecified Apple Silicon chip. Such a chip could in theory help with certain tasks in Mac OS, or alternatively be used for Airplay. This screen should also support Promotion.