Tasks: Apple Watch Series 6 gets faster and more water resistant

Last update (2020-07-31):

Tasks: The next Apple Watch can measure blood oxygenation

ECG functionality may be accompanied by a new, advanced sensor in the Apple Watch Series 6. Leaked code in iOS 14 has previously pointed out that Apple can equip the next generation Apple Watch with a biosensor to measure blood oxygenation, a crucial prerequisite for good health , and now more information is pointing in the same direction.

This time it’s the Taiwanese Digitimes who claiming that the next Apple Watch will have a biosensor that can measure oxygenation in the blood. How it will work is not clear.

Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be launched in September, but if it is delayed, as the iPhone 12 will be, we have no information about.

Update (2020-05-31)

Tasks: Apple Watch with microled may be delayed

Apple Watch Series 6 will continue to use an OLED screen like previous models, instead of a microled screen reports the usually reliable Apple leak and Twitter user @ L0vetodream.

According to macrumors Apple has been secretly testing Apple Watch models with microled screens ever since 2017. There have been rumors in the past that the first of them would be released this year.

The technology means that it is possible to make screens that are thinner, brighter and use less battery. Apple originally also introduced OLED via the Apple Watch in 2014, after which the screen technology later also came to the Iphone with the Iphone X.

Update (2020-03-28):

Tasks: Apple Watch can get Touch ID and sleep tracking

In the autumn, Apple is expected to release both the Apple Watch Series 6, and the Watch OS 7. According to new rumors from the site The Verifier give the watch access to both sleep tracking and measuring blood sugar levels. Both are features that have been rumored several times before.

As for the hardware, no major external changes are expected, if we are to believe these data. Apple Watch Series 6 can support wifi 6 and a larger battery (probably to be better used around the clock with the sleep tracking feature).

A big news, however, is that Apple Watch can finally get Touch ID as a biometric login method, either placed in the watch’s digital crown, alternatively below the screen. The Verifier believes, however, that Touch ID under the screen can be delayed until 2021 and a “Series 7” instead.


Tasks: Apple Watch Series 6 gets faster and more water resistant

It has not been very long ago Apple Watch Series 5 was launched, but already now information about the next model has begun to appear.

According to well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Watch Series 6 will offer a more powerful processor, faster connectivity and increased water resistance, reports macrumors.

In the past, there has also been plenty of information about a microled screen, something that would make the watch thinner, brighter and less energy-consuming than today’s models.

In other respects, Apple is believed to focus on health in the Apple Watch Series 6, so we can probably also count on a number of new apps.

If Apple follows tradition, the Apple Watch Series 6 will be unveiled at an event in September 2020.