Tasks: “Intel’s Skylake Problem Made Apple Switch to Arm Processors”

Rumors that Apple would switch to its own, arm-based processors have been circulating for a long time, and during this year’s WWDC the rumors finally came true. However, the transition has been planned for a long time, and according to new data, there was a specific event that eventually led Apple to fully focus on its own processors instead.

François Piednoël, a former Intel engineer, says PC Gamer Apple has become very dissatisfied with Intel’s products after Skylake was introduced in 2015. The quality assurance of the processors must have been unusually poor, and in the end Apple became the company with the most complaints reported for the Skylake architecture, says Piednoël.

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– Basically, it was Skylake’s quality control that got Apple to leave the platform, says Piednoël.

– Apple must have really hated Skylake.

Apple’s first Mac with Skylake processors was Imac in 2015, then the new generation Macbook Pro in 2016 came with Skylake processors.

The Skylake problems are certainly not the only reason Apple is leaving Intel. Greater control over more of the parts that end up in the company’s computers is supposed to be a cause that weighs heavily. But maybe it was the drop that made the cup run over, at least if we were to believe François Piednoël.

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