Tasks: New Macbook model will be first with Arm processor

Update (2020-06-13):

A few days ago, credible information came out that Apple intends to begin the process of replacing Intel’s processors with proprietary Arm processors shortly (read more below).

Now technology leaker Fudge (also known as @choco_bit) claims that a new 12-inch model of Macbook is likely to be released first. In appearance, it looks like the latest model that ended up being manufactured in 2019, but inside is a variant of the A14X processor with 8-12 cores. There may also be talk of 5g support, reports macrumors.

Probably, the new model will not support Boot Camp, as it will be difficult to get Windows to work satisfactorily with Apple’s processors. On the other hand, there will be talk of some form of emulation to get old Mac programs working, at least for a transitional period.

Given that developers need time to adapt their programs to the new processors, the new model of the Macbook will not be launched until next year.

Previously (2020-06-09):

For years, there have been rumors that Apple will switch from Intel processors to proprietary Arm-based processors in their Macs. Now states Bloomberg Apple will announce plans at WWDC in late June.

The goal of this is to give all Mac developers plenty of time to prepare for the launch of the first Macs with A processor to be released in 2021.

Modern programs rarely develop with machine code but use platform-independent code in languages ​​such as Swift and Objective-C, and Apple’s developer tools have long been adapted for both x86-64 and Arm platforms, so many developers will hardly need to make any changes to their code at all .

15 years ago when Apple abandoned Motorola / IBM and the powerpc platform to transition to Intel, the switch went relatively quickly and smoothly compared to, for example, the transition from Mac OS 9 to OS X and from the 68k processors to powerpc.

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