Tasks: The next Ipad Pro is adapted for landscape mode

Ever since the first model of Ipad was released in 2010, the camera has been placed on the short side, something that assumes that the user uses the portrait mode by default. Nowadays, however, the iPad is used more as a laptop than as a tablet, which makes the landscape mode the most used.

Therefore, it is perhaps not particularly surprising that the technology leaker Dylandkt now claims that future models of Ipad Pro will be adapted to the particular landscape mode.

In addition to the new location for the camera, Apple will probably also move the logo on the back, this to signal which is the new standard mode.

Previously have Patently Apple drew attention to a patent application from Apple which shows that there may eventually be talk of a new placement for the camera in the company’s touchpads.

For users who connect a keyboard, it is at least illogical that the camera is on the short side and consequently Apple’s illustrations show that the camera has been moved to the long side.