Tasks: This is what Microsoft’s PC interface for Cloud Gaming looks like

According to sources The Verge Microsoft has now begun internally testing a web version of its game streaming service. Microsoft Cloud Gaming, or Xcloud, allows Xbox players to access their games directly in a web browser or via a dedicated mobile app.

The browser version of Xcloud will at this stage be able to run via Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and provides access to all games available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as well as various tools such as the ability to resume game versions right where you left off and get recommendations for new games.

It is unclear what resolution the service is streaming in, but so far there does not seem to be any support for 4k. Microsoft is also said to have plans to insert the web version of Xcloud directly into the Xbox app on Windows 10.

The web version of Xcloud would also make it possible to stream games via Iphone and Ipad, something that has not been possible before due to Apple’s limitations regarding game streaming apps. Xcloud is currently only available for Android devices.

The latest information indicates that Microsoft intends to release a preview version of Xcloud via the browser sometime this spring.

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