Technically possible to replace memory and storage in M1-Macs

Apple has made it increasingly difficult to repair and upgrade Macs. Fifteen years ago, it was possible to change both memory and storage in all machines. Today it only works (officially) in Mac Pro.

Both the working memory and the ssd circuits have long been soldered to the motherboard in the various Macbook models, and with the launch of the M1 Macs, Apple went a step further and placed the memory on the same board as the processor. Thus, it seemed obvious that it is now impossible to change either memory or storage afterwards – for upgrades or repairs.

But on Chinese social media, the news is now being shared that engineer Yang Changshun in Guangzhou (via 9 to 5 Mac and Macrumors) has managed to change both circuits in the base model of Macbook Air from eight gigabytes and 256 gigabytes to 16 gigabytes and one terabyte, respectively.

The procedure is really complicated and requires extreme care as the memory circuits must be removed without damaging the bracket or the processor that is located right next to it.

This will probably never be something that is available to the majority of all customers. We do not believe that Apple itself will offer either upgrades or repairs of individual components, but it will, as before, be a complete motherboard replacement if storage or memory breaks down. But Macrumors writes that there is already speculation that Chinese workshops will offer upgrades.