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Tekken 8 gets tiny teaser, Evo loses its collective mind

Tekken 8 gets tiny teaser, Evo loses its collective mind

Tekken’s time on the Evo 2022 stage closed out with what appeared to be the first teaser for Tekken 8, sending the presenters into hysterics even though nothing was said to clarify what this brief clip actually was.

The short tease came at the end of a trailer for a new free update to Tekken 7 coming next week, showing Kayuza’s ending from the original Tekken but cutting at the end to a new version of Kazuya that looks quite a bit better than early Nineties CG, and simply saying ‘get ready.’

Bandai Namco teasing new Tekken game

What you don’t see in the trailer is the reaction from the cast and crew at Evo, but you can see the craziness for yourself in Max’s reaction video, since all of the official VODs cut out just before the presentation. The stream cuts back to the Evo presenters and casters, who have descended into absolute mania, leaping around, shouting, shaking one another… it’s pure chaos. The cherry on top is when Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada joins the mosh pit to the crew’s surprise, throwing himself into the bedlam then somehow sneaking out before anyone has a chance to ask him any questions about the teaser. Wild.

What we do know, however, is that the free update coming to Tekken 7 next week on August 17th will bring balance tweaks and even new mechanics to the current version of Tekken to keep us busy until Bandai Namco is ready to show its hand with Tekken 8 properly. Fans are speculating that may come later this year, after The Game Awards parroted the tease on Twitter, leading some to believe this in itself was a tease ahead of us maybe seeing something more at the December showcase, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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