Telia has managed to measure over 2Gbit / s over 5G

5G is becoming more common, more and more a snack ice cream and perhaps even more now that Telia has succeeded with impressive measurements.

Telia has now announced that they have managed to break a new record with their public 5G network, this was done in central Stockholm with the help of an iPhone 12. They came up to a full 2.2 Gbit / second, which is really impressive.

– Thanks to the 3.5 GHz band we acquired in the 5G auction, we and our partner Ericsson can now test what Swedish-developed 5G technology really stands for. Reaching this speed live in our network is an absolutely fantastic result, not least because it happens with a completely normal mobile, says Staffan Ã…kesson, network manager at Telia.

Telia currently has 5G in 22 cities around Sweden, the goal that Telia has is that by 2025 they will have the same 5G coverage as their 4G coverage covers today, but already in 2023 they believe that 90 percent of Sweden’s population will have the option of 5G.