Tencent has acquired Turtle Rock Studios

Tencent continues to grow and this by buying studios, now Turtle Rock Studios is also part of the Chinese giant.

You could almost say that Tencent has a foothold in most large companies in game development and it looks like it will continue. It has now been announced that Tencent has acquired Turtle Rock Studios, the studio that recently released Back 4 Blood.

But just like many other studios, Turtle Rock Studios also says that they will continue as they did before, be independent but that they have Tencent behind them, I think it hides more behind the scenes than anyone dares to comment on.

Turtle Rock Studios has guaranteed a new game in progress, but what this will be remains to be seen, it will probably take a few years before we get to see and hear about the studio’s next venture.

A little fun information perhaps, the list below are some of the companies that Tencent either owns or has large ownership in:

  1. Activision Blizzard
  2. Epic Games
  3. Paradox Interactive
  4. Remedy Entertainment
  5. Frontier Developments
  6. Dontnod
  7. Bloober
  8. Team Kiei
  9. Ubisoft
  10. Platinum Games
  11. Roblox Corporation
  12. Playtonic