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Tested product: Magic Keyboard
Award: Costs SEK 3,590 at Amazon Sweden

There are about thirteen keyboards on the dozen for the iPad. Not only because the iPad is now available in all possible sizes and configurations, but because it is a giant market. Since its introduction in 2010, more than 425 million iPads have been sold in round robins.

Rating 4 out of 5


Magic Keyboard could do so much more if Apple allowed it. As it is now, it is the market’s best keyboard for Ipad. Unfortunately, the iPad OS is not the best for the best keyboard on the market. But if you are going to have a keyboard for your Ipad Pro 11 or Ipad Air, then this is the one you should have.


  • Good feeling
  • No complicated pairing
  • Good mouse pad


  • Expensive
  • Relatively heavy
  • Ipad OS sets limits

Let’s first state that Magic Keyboard is a good keyboard, even the best the undersigned has tested for Ipad. As a keyboard, it’s nice to type on, the stroke length is good and the buttons make a cozy, clicking sound, reminiscent of the keyboard in the Macbook Air. In front of the keyboard is a trackpad, which also works exemplary in true Apple spirit. We have tested the keyboard intended for the 11-inch Ipad Pro, but it also works with the fourth generation Ipad Air.

Smart connection

The keyboard is powered by your Ipads Smart Connector. It thus does not need to be charged without “stealing” power from your Ipad. If it affects battery life? Of course it does, but it is so marginal that it is not noticeable. If you increase the brightness to the max, it will eat more battery.

Magic Keyboard
At a glance, it almost looks like the Ipad is weightless

You attach your Ipad through powerful magnets that sit on the inside of the cover. Even though it seems to float at a quick glance, it sits properly. There is no risk of it coming loose, unless you really try to shake it off. There is also a hole in the lid for the camera. A hard-to-detect pass through the USB-C connector is hidden in the hinge.

Magic Keyboard
The USB-c connector is discreetly located in the hinge.

These å, ä and ö

The only downside when it comes to typing it is that we in Sweden have the letters å, ä and ö. To make room for all the keys, Apple has had to reduce the size of å and ä. This means that it is a little more difficult to hit the right key. Expect that the number of misprints will increase. It may be a habit, but it would have been nice with full-size keys straight through.

Magic Keyboard
The Å and Ä keys have been shrunk to make room.

The mouse pad, which for obvious reasons is not as big as the one you find on a Mac, also works better than expected. But the factory setting on the keyboard is that you have to click on it to register mouse clicks. Unfortunately, real clicks are required, but you can adjust this in the settings. Once I have selected the same setting I use on the Mac, “press to click”, it is enough to touch it with one finger.

Magic Keyboard
Of course, the keyboard has backlit keys.

Apple sets the limits

The only restrictions with Magic Keyboard, apart from our Swedish letters, can be found in the iPad OS. It’s like Apple does not really dare to take the step fully and let it be controlled via keyboard and mouse. In some cases it works just fine with just the keyboard and trackpad, in other cases you have to point your finger at the screen. And why in the world is the mouse pointer a circular circle? Apple likes to call the iPad a “computer”, and of course it is in many respects. With the Magic Keyboard, Apple is stumbling close to turning it into a “real” computer. If this is intentional, they make more money after all by selling both computer and iPad to the same consumer, or if it’s because Appe really sees them as two different products for different purposes, we leave it unsaid.

M3 recommends

This is still a keyboard we can warmly recommend. This review was written on the keyboard. And the more the undersigned uses the keyboard, the more I like it. If you are going to travel and want a small portable typewriter with you, it’s perfect!


Model: Magic Keyboard
Manufacturer: Apple
Compatibility: Ipad Pro 11 inch (first, second and third generation), Ipad Air (fourth generation)
Weight: 601 grams
Award: Costs SEK 3,590 at Amazon Sweden