Test: Beurer AS99 – activity bracelet with outdated interface

Test: Beurer AS99 – activity bracelet with outdated interface
Test: Beurer AS99 - activity bracelet with outdated interface 1

Tested product: Beurer AS99
Award: Costs SEK 300 at Amazon Sweden

Rating 2 out of 5


No, Beurer, which otherwise manufactures good stuff such as heart rate monitors and fever thermometers, does not get it with its activity bracelet. Complicated app, poor interface in the watch and small screen lowers the rating. Otherwise, the measurement keeps track of activity, number of steps walked, heart rate and more good quality.


  • Good measured values
  • Low Price
  • Easy


  • Complicated app
  • The interface of the watch
  • Small screen

Activity bracelet is a good complement for both training and getting started with the just mentioned training. A good activity bracelet encourages training and at the same time makes it easy to keep track of progress made in said training. The question is whether Beurer AS 99 does it?

As a bracelet, it is small. It weighs basically nothing and has a small OLED-type color screen that can show heartbeat, number of steps and more. For it to work, you have to download an app to your mobile, which then suffocates you to register. Can’t we just get one thing that works right out of the box?

Beurer AS99

The band is then connected to the app via bluetooth. A fairly painless experience. After you have done that, start navigating the app. It is said that Germans like order and order, but after poking around in the app, which also advertises various pro services you can add, it is clear that the Germans’ order and order is just a myth. At least at Beurer.

No preset activities

You should add different activities that you want the band to measure. Say you add sleep measurement and then want to add heart rate measurement, then the app must first sync one activity to the band before the other can be added. And speaking of activities – there are none. It does measure steps, but not swimming, gym or cycling. However, it measures your heart rate with bravura. But the app is under all criticism with complicated menus and idiotic interface. When you have to adjust your weight, there are usually at least two wheels to adjust: one for kilos and one for hectons. Here is one. Yes, it’s just a matter of spinning the wheel until the right weight appears. Yes, it’s not very hard. But it really highlights that it’s a bad app. To top it all off, it sends an awful lot of notices to your phone.

Beurer AS99
When setting your weight, you need to scroll past both kilograms and hectares before you reach your weight.

Speaking of notifications, you can set the activity bar to show incoming notifications from your phone or receive notifications when you move. An angry buzz draws your attention when something happens. The feature works on both Android and iOS.

Tiny screen

Okay, time to talk about the bracelet itself. Let’s start with the screen, which is a tiny OLED story. It is so small that it does not even say what size it is on the Beurer site. The interface is also complicated. By swipe you reach either here or there. Sometimes an arrow appears that indicates, we assume, “go back” but when the screen is so small, it happens just as often that you do not get forward or backward. We also do not find any possibility to set whether the strap should be worn on the right or left arm. After a while, we discover that it calibrates itself automatically – the only problem is that it takes time before that happens. The undersigned sat with the tape in his hand to try to figure out the interface. When placed on the left wrist, it had automatically set the right wrist, which had a ten-minute consequence of an upside-down screen.

The quality of the screen is not at all comparable to the screens that Redmi’s activity bands are gifted with – they have more stuns and clarity.

Beurer AS99
AS99 is charged through a connector on the back.

To sum up: the app is bad and the activity bracelet is not much better. To top it all off, it has a lower battery life than the others we have tested. Beurer states up to five days, but we have not received more than four. Positive is the price, the heart rate measurement and that it is water resistant.


Product type: Activity bracelet
Connections: Bluetooth
Screen: OLED screen, color.
Battery life: Up to 5 days according to the manufacturer.
Features: Optical heart rate monitor
Waterproof: Yes, ip67
Award: Costs SEK 300 at Amazon Sweden

Test: Beurer AS99 - activity bracelet with outdated interface 1

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