Test compares Apple’s M1 Macs and Microsoft’s fastest Arm-based computer

Apple’s new processors are fast – faster than all Intel processors for laptops – but above all energy efficient. It is the arm64 architecture that forms the basis of the cpu cores and makes them so efficient, so the question is how they stand compared to other computers with the same architecture.

Our colleagues on PC World has run a series of tests on a Macbook Air with M1 processor and Microsoft’s Surface Pro X. The latter has a processor called SQ1 which has been developed in a collaboration between Qualcomm and Microsoft, and has the Arm version of Windows 10.

The test could be performed because after some delay, Microsoft has finally released the 64-bit x86 code emulator for Windows on Arm, so that modern programs compiled for Intel and AMD’s 64-bit processors can run.

In Geekbench 5, the Macbook Air gets 1,750 and 7,454 points, respectively, while the Surface Pro X gets 731 and 2,734 points, respectively. Cinebench R23 gives 1,496/6,838 and 371/1,604 points respectively. A Handbrake conversion of a 12-minute 4K video to 1080p with h.265 takes 326 seconds with optimizations for the M1 processor, 1,415 seconds on the M1 Mac without optimization, and 9,571 seconds on the Surface Pro X.

Microsoft promises further optimizations of x86 code on Windows on Arm, and if versions compiled directly for arm64 are released, they will go faster, but PC World notes that miracles are required for Windows on Arm to become something.