Test: Freev EVS Pro 400 – electric kick with puncture-free tires

Freev EVS Pro 400 is a new model from Netonnet we have received since the test of the big sibling EVS Pro 500. EVS Pro 400 is smaller in dimensions, weight and engine capacity. This makes it easier to carry, even if the weight of 17 kilos is still a few kilos too much for it to be comfortable. The design is neutral, it’s not a kick that catches the eye, but it may not be something you are looking for either.

Rating 4 out of 5


EVS Pro 400 is a nice acquaintance. It is fun to drive and responds well to gas and brake. We appreciate the initiative with a built-in wire lock, which can come in handy when you do not want to drag a large chain with you. If puncture-free tires are important to you, and you are prepared for a shakier ride, it may be a good choice.


  • Robust
  • Good acceleration
  • Built-in wire lock

The EVS Pro 400 has smaller wheels than its big sibling. They are 8.5 inches, which means you have to be extra careful with curbs and the like. Electric kicks’ small wheels are one of the big problems – a small crack in the asphalt and you are standing on your nose.

Freev EVS Pro 400
The EVS Pro 400 can be easily folded, but it is a bit too heavy to carry.

Avoid punctures

With that said, we experience that the EVS pro 400 is slightly more comfortable to drive than its big sibling. It’s a long way from the softer experience you get with pneumatic tires, but it’s a price that might be worth paying to avoid a puncture. It is not so easy to repair an electric kick puncture and if you hand it in, it costs SEK 700-800 to fix it.

The motor is 350 watts compared to 500 for the EVS Pro 500. It still has fast acceleration and does well on smaller uphills. However, a motor of 350 watts is above the limit for what is permitted to drive on public roads, even if it has a permitted maximum speed of 20 km / h, it may still only be driven in a fenced area according to current rules.

Freev Evs Pro 400 handlebars
The handlebars have throttle controls, dual brake levers and a handy display.

Fun to drive

You have three driving modes to choose from with maximum speeds of 8, 15 and 20 km / h, where the latter is the fastest mode, which also requires the most of the battery. It is an entertaining kick to drive with fast acceleration, good disc brakes at the back and front that take just the right amount of smoothness.

The stated range of 25 km is in the lowest range, and you can not expect to get that much out of active driving.

EVS Pro 400 has two built-in locks, a digital code lock to be able to start the kick and a built-in wire lock. We immediately deactivate the digital lock, which is only cumbersome, but the built-in wire lock is a good initiative. If you do not lock an electric kick, it will be stolen in no time and a wire can stop a spontaneous theft. The safest thing, however, is to always carry the kick with you, and here EVS Pro is, as I said, a little too heavy and awkward.


Model: Freevo EVS Pro 400
Tested: May 2022
More info: Netonnet
Engine: 350 W
Battery: Lithium, 36 V, 7.8 Ah
Front / rear tires: 8.5 inches, solid puncture-free
Range fully charged: 25 km
Max speed: 20 km / h
Shock absorber front / rear: No
Charging time: 4 hours
Lighting: Front and back
Collapsible: Yes
Dimensions folded: 1080 x 475 x 475 mm
Dimensions open: 1080 x 475 x 1195 mm
IP-rated: IPX6
Weight: 17 kg
Max load: 100 kg
Other: Replaceable battery, built-in wire lock
Award: From SEK 4,490 at Prisjakt