TEST: Freev EVS Pro 500 – electric kick with double locks

The electric park season is in full bloom, and we have tested one of Netonnet’s own models, the Freev EVS Pro 500. It is a neutrally designed and robustly built electric park with large dimensions and a large Freev logo on the handlebar.

Rating 3.5 out of 5


EVS Pro 500 is not a bad alternative if you want a kick that accelerates well and reaches speeds higher than 20 km / h. However, driving comfort is not the best. The high weight and size make it difficult to carry. Plus in the edge of the built-in wire lock.


  • Robust
  • Good acceleration
  • Built-in wire lock


  • Not optimal driving comfort
  • Heavy
  • Big and awkward

The installation is relatively simple and you do not have to bother with any app to get started. Just plug in the power, attach the handlebars and screw it on. Then you need to fasten the brake wires before it is time to charge it before the premiere tour.

EVS Pro 500 raised
The design is neutral and does not attract the eye.

Two locks

Before driving off, you must enter a three-digit code to unlock the kick. You enter the code using the plus and minus buttons, which is cumbersome and just an annoyance. Thankfully, it’s easy to disable. It will not stop the thief who throws it in the van.

Then it is better to use the built-in wire lock. This is not such a stupid idea actually, because power kicks are extremely prone to theft. Here you enter a four-digit code in a regular physical code lock, which you then lock or unlock with. This can be a protection against spontaneous theft if you are going to do something shorter. To protect it for some time, unfortunately, a thick chain is needed rather than a thin wire. But it is a step in the right direction.

Evs Pro 500 wire lock
The built-in wire lock is a welcome initiative.

Three modes

Once the kick is unlocked, you only need to take a few kicks so that you get up to 4 km / h then you can accelerate with your thumb on the throttle control. The park has three modes that have maximum speeds of 8, 20 and 25 km / h. You easily change mode with the plus and minus buttons and see what speed you are holding on to the generously sized and easy-to-read display.

The motor is 500 watts, which means that you get a rapid acceleration and can also maintain good speed on uphill slopes. It is a clear plus that makes driving more fun. It also feels safer with an electric kick that responds properly when you gas. The disadvantage of a 500 watt motor is that according to current legislation, the electric park is not classified as a bicycle, and may only be driven in a fenced area.

Evs Pro 500 shock-absorbing
At the front, the electric park is shock-absorbing, which compensates slightly for the solid tires.

Avoid punctures

Freevo Pro 500 has solid 10-inch tires. The difference with pneumatic tires is that you get a much worse comfort. Admittedly, there are shock absorbers in the front, but it will still be difficult to drive the kick for longer distances, as all irregularities propagate in the scooter. It does not make things better that the handles feel like sandpaper. They do provide superb grip, but they are not comfortable to hold.

The advantage of solid tires, however, is that you avoid the worry of punctures, something that will happen sooner or later if you drive with pneumatic tires. And it’s not an easy match to fix a punk on an electric kick. You have to make the assessment yourself if it is worth a more shaky driving experience to avoid thinking about punctures.

This is not a kick that is optimal for the inner city commuter. Admittedly, it is easy to fold it, but with a weight of just over 20 kilos, it becomes too heavy to carry longer distances. Here they had had to cut at least five kilos.

The range is set to 30 km, but you can count on less if you drive more actively with a lot of accelerations and decelerations.


Model: Freevo EVS Pro 500
Tested: May 2022
More info: Netonnet
Engine: 500 W
Battery: Lithium, 48 V, 7.8 Ah
Front / rear tires: 10 inches, solid puncture-free
Scope: 30 km
Max speed: 25 km / h
Shock absorber front / rear: Fram
Charging time: 4 hours
Lighting: Front and back
Collapsible: Yes
Dimensions folded: 1130 x 475 x 545 mm
Dimensions open: 1130 x 475 x 1275 mm
IP-rated: IPX6
Weight: 20.3 kg
Max load: 100 kg
Other: Replaceable battery, built-in wire lock
Award: Costs SEK 5,290 at Netonnet