Test: JBL Quantum 350 – Teknikhype.se

JBL Quantum 350 is the Quantum series’ cheapest wireless headphones that comes at a fantastic price for the product.

Quantum 350 comes equipped with a detachable boom microphone which does not give the best sound but which works to only play with friends.

The headphones both look and feel a bit cheap, with that price they are quite cheap but that but it does not impair comfort in any way because the headphones are very light at 252g and both the headband and the earmuffs are in memory foam which gives a very good fit and after a few minutes you do not even feel that they are sitting on your head, which meant that I could play for several hours without becoming uncomfortable.

Even though the headphones can look a bit cheap, the headphones are still very stylish with the JBL logo on each side and earmuffs and headbands in leather, but the headphones still lack rgb.

JBL Quantum 350

Quantum 350 uses Quantum Engine which the other headphones in the Quantum series also use and you get much of the same functions as the ability to use JBL’s QuantumSurround which and an EQ to find exactly the sound you like. You can also activate side tones in different strengths if you would like to listen to your voice while playing. However, the Quantum 350 lacks any features that other quantum headsets have. including noise reduction, talk through and a game vs chat volume wheel. On the left earmuffs there is a mute button and a volume wheel which made it easy to adjust the volume from a game without having to open the settings. On the right side you have your on / off button and a usb-c charging port.

The battery life is impressive at 22 hours with only 2 hours of charging time from an empty battery. That battery life can easily last for several days without having to recharge and if you forget to charge them, you can use them while charging.

JBL Quantum 350

The headphones use a 2.4 GHz wireless connection via a USB dongle, which only requires you to plug in the USB and turn on the headset to start playing. However, the headphones lack any bluetooth or wired connection, which other headphones in the Quantum series have.

The price comes in at around SEK 1,000 and considering all the features and the good comfort with the Quantum 350, I think it is an obvious choice for everyone who wants to get a good and cheap headset for their setup.