TEST: Logitech G733 Lightspeed – feather light headset with high comfort

Tested product: Logitech G733 Lightspeed
Award: SEK 1,590 at Kjell & Company.

After pure sound quality, comfort probably ends up on the most important list when it comes to gaming headsets. A headset that is too heavy, rubs too much or is limited by poor cord solutions significantly lowers the overall impression. Therefore, it is with some interest that we unpack Logitech’s super light, wireless G733 Lightspeed for a closer evaluation.

Rating 4 out of 5


The Logitech G733 Lightspeed is a clear winner in the weight and comfort categories. The headset delivers well on the sound front without directly flooring us, but the microphone is unfortunately something of a disappointment. A very good all-round headset that also has cool color choices.


  • A real weightlifter.
  • Stable wireless range.
  • Nice design and fun color choices.
  • Logitech G Hub.


  • The microphone is a disappointment.
  • Non-rotating headphone covers.
  • Somewhat small bass.

With elements of rgb lighting, lively and unusual color choices and a price tag of just under SEK 1,600, the G733 positions itself as a mid-range headset for design-conscious people. Picky hi-fi nerds and those who want to play with the latest innovations in surround and head tracking do not bother, quite simply. Unfortunately, we only get the chance to test the dull black variant of the headset, which is also available in white, blue and purple.

Design and comfort

Let’s go straight to the G733’s parade branch. The headset is relatively slim and weighs surprisingly little with its 278 grams. It almost feels wrong to put it on, as if some important technical component is missing. But this is not the case, and considering that the headset is also wireless, it requires extremely little from the user in terms of design. The choice of material is, as you may have guessed, plastic, which does not directly give a luxurious impression, but the weight advantage outweighs this detail.

Comfort is also good, with inner covers in soft fabric and an elastic inner strap, also in fabric, which means that the plastic shackle does not press directly against the head. G733 is excellent to use with glasses. The covers themselves breathe well and are not at all sweaty or uncomfortable even during longer sessions in front of the computer. However, the size adjustment is not overly generous and the fact that the covers can not be rotated so that you can have the headset resting against the neck is disappointing.

G733 Lightspeed

On the front of the covers are two light strips which in the usual order can be adjusted to taste. We usually have it turned off because it prolongs battery life. In the button path there is a volume control, on / off (with battery indicator) and a button to mute the detachable microphone. A USB-C socket is located in the right cover where you plug in the headset for charging.

Sound quality

As we have already mentioned, this is not a headset for you who only think about the sound. With that said, the G733 certainly does not sound bad. On the contrary, the sound is well-balanced, but does not have that pressure and range of shades that some more expensive competitors can boast of. The base is advantageously adjusted up in Logitech’s eminent software G Hub, otherwise the sound image feels a bit messy. The headset performs reasonably well for music, but you who intend to listen a lot to Spotify and such probably want something better with more “oomph”.

Virtual 7.1 surround sound is available via DTS X 2.0, which does a satisfying job of filling in the soundscape and letting us listen for enemies with good accuracy. On the other hand, a lot of noise leaks into the covers, which hardly feels isolated at all. If you are sitting in a normal living room environment, it will not cause much trouble, but whoever pulls on the dishwasher or dryer nearby will need to turn up the volume.

The microphone is really not an exciting story. The sound cuts and is characterized by jarring and sharp consonants. The microphone must be fairly close to the mouth to provide satisfactory sound recording. A disappointment on the whole.


Logitech G Hub is one of our favorite programs for fine-tuning headset functionality. Other Logitech G-gadgets you may have connected are also gathered here. In the case of the G733, we get access to equalizer, surround settings, microphone test and various light settings for the covers. Nothing superfluous, but we also lack no specific features. It is easy to create different profiles and presets and then switch between them.

G Hub

The wireless functionality is very good. You can easily bang around in a three-room apartment without the communication with friends and teammates being interrupted or even lacking in quality. When it comes to battery life, 29 hours is set as the maximum limit with lighting off. We can sign it, it is very rare that we have to connect a USB cable to charge.

G733 works fine with both PC and Mac as well as PS4. All we need to do is move with the small USB stick for wireless communication and connect it to any machine. Xbox One players do not bother, which is a shame on an otherwise so flexible and easy-to-use headset.


Product name: Logitech G733 Lightspeed.
Tested: February 2021.
Manufacturer: Logitech.
Connection: 2.4 GHz wireless to usb receiver.
Works for: PC, Mac, Playstation 4.
Rec. Award: 1,590 kronor.
Award: Costs from SEK 1,590 at Kjell & Company.