TEST: Miele Triflex HX1 Pro – powerful and flexible shaft vacuum cleaner

So it was time for another well-known heavyweight in white goods to take the step into a product category where previously Dyson’s models are considered to be the best and also the manufacturer most competitors use as a yardstick.

Rating 4 out of 5


A stylish, flexible and really competent shaft vacuum cleaner, which is without a doubt one of the heaviest product releases of the year in this category. It can be experienced as something heavy and difficult to control, it is after all relatively cumbersome to switch between the different configurations. In other respects, above all in terms of performance, however, we have nothing to complain about. The price tag, on the other hand, is a dealbreaker that is likely to make most speculators think twice before buying.


  • Stylish design, high quality feeling
  • Dual batteries included
  • Effective cleaning
  • Standalone (in one of the configurations)


  • Pigs
  • Difficult to switch between configurations
  • Can be perceived as heavy to maneuver / steer

Miele already has a solid reputation for reliability and is identified by many with the highest product quality, reliability and reassuring warranty commitments (one year standard, but Miele offers, at a cost of up to ten years warranty). A reputation that also means that Miele’s products cost accordingly.

Miele Triflex HX1 Pro

No cheap story

The latter comes as a letter in the mail even when it comes to the manufacturer’s shaft vacuum cleaner. The cheapest version in the Triflex HX1 series costs just under SEK 7,000. The worst in the family, with the addition pro in the product name, lands just under SEK 10,000, a sum that can cause a minor brain haemorrhage in most people, especially when, as here, it is about a vacuum cleaner.

M3 recommends

Well, maybe the price can be justified with rarely seen performance? It starts well in any case, in the packaging the various parts of the vacuum cleaner are neatly and logically placed. The feeling in the material is reassuring and solid.

Mieles describes the Triflex HX1 series as a 3-in-1 concept, something they also applied for a patent for, which means that the unit’s four main sections (motorized floor nozzle, “Power Unit” unit (motor, battery and dust container), handles and extension pipes ) can be joined in different ways, depending on the wishes or planned area of ​​use.

Flexible construction

Once you have decided how you want and how and where to vacuum, the parts are clicked together quickly and easily. With the main unit placed low, the center of gravity also shifts downwards and since the battery and motor weigh a lot, this is without a doubt the most convenient configuration, especially when large areas are to be vacuumed – in this position the vacuum cleaner is also independent.

Miele Triflex HX1 Pro

The downside is that you can not access as well under lower furniture. With the main unit instead placed high, the flexibility, like the access, is clearly better but is far from as comfortable and requires more muscle power. It also loses the ability to stand on its own, but must be tilted against a wall, laid down or placed in the wall holder.

Wide range of uses

If the floor nozzle is removed, Triflex can instead be used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner only together with one of the three supplied nozzles (joint or furniture nozzle and suction brush with synthetic brush) or in combination with the extension pipe. Suitable for furniture, moldings, ceilings or in the car. Good in terms of versatility, but starting to re-puzzle with the parts in the middle of cleaning is both cumbersome and time-consuming.

Miele Triflex HX1 Pro
All parts separated

Charging is done with the power cord directly into the battery or in the supplied wall holder (with the same cord pulled through). If you choose the Pro version, in addition to an extra battery (which is also included with the Performance version), a separate battery charging station is included, which means that you always have access to a fully charged battery, as well as a virtually doubled operating time.

The Pro version is equipped with Hepa filters

Triflex HX1 has three different power modes. With the lowest power and without the motorized nozzle, a fully charged battery is enough for about 60 minutes of vacuuming. With the floor nozzle mounted (which for the Pro version also has LED lighting), that time is halved. In the max mode, the operating time ends up at just over 15 minutes, which is clearly approved. For a fully charged battery, capacity, seen in terms of area, is specified at 125 sqm. In other words, a large apartment or normal-sized villa is a task Miele’s new shaft vacuum cleaner can take on without any problems.

The filter system consists of three layers. Coarse dirt collects in the dust container while smaller particles are captured by a separate filter. The exhaust air then passes a final “Hygiene” filter (Triflex HX1 / HX1 Performance) which will capture 99.98% of finer particles or a Hepa filter (Triflex HX1 pro) which captures 99.999% of fine dust while allergens stay left in the system.

Miele Triflex HX1 Pro
The dust container is easy to both remove and clean

The container is removed by turning the back piece a quarter of a turn, then you turn it a little further and the door is opened and the contents are emptied, preferably in a dustbin or similar. The filter for finer dust is placed in a separate chamber and is easily pulled out to be cleaned. The exhaust filter should last the entire life of the vacuum cleaner and does not need to be cleaned.

In terms of performance, Triflex impresses and suddenly those barely 10,000 kronor no longer feel so bloody. Jokes aside, the suction power is really something out of the ordinary, in class with the Dyson V11 Absolute. It certainly lacks Dyson’s digital display and it does not come with as many accessories, in return it works somewhat quieter and has a more flexible design.


Model: Triflex HX1 Pro
Tested: November 2020
Manufacturer: Miele
Battery: 2500mAH / 25.2 V
Battery life: Up to 120 min (with dual batteries)
Charging time: 4 hours
Container capacity: 0.5 liters
Filter: Hepa
Number of speeds: 3
Max suction power: Data not available
Noise level (Max): 80 DBA
Weight main unit: About 2.1 kilos
Other: Extra battery and battery charging station included
Rec. price at test: SEK 9,795
Award: From SEK 9,490 at Prisjakt