Test: Norton 360 Premium – more than just antivirus

Tested product: Norton 360 Deluxe
Price example: NOK 599 (1 year, 5 units)

One of the most classic antivirus vendors for decades has been Symantec, with their Norton brand of consumer products. In 2020, however, they spun off the business and Norton is now an independent company under the name Norton Life Lock. So far, this does not seem to have affected the product range itself, which is very similar to what we tested a year ago.

Rating 4 out of 5


Norton stands firmly on its own two feet, at least when we finally get the right side of the somewhat confusing interface. There is a semi-large number of functions here, there is definitely room for an expansion of the toolbox, but what is offered is of a high standard.


  • Overall good security.
  • Backup and cloud storage on the purchase.
  • Competent parental control.


  • No large range of bonus features.
  • There may be a risk of some false alarms.
  • Reverse layout of the interface.

Norton has in recent years consistently performed well in the antivirus lab’s tests, and this year gets a full pot in AV-Test’s assessment. AV Comparatives gives a few small minuses for a tendency to too many false alarms and a certain tough handling of program installations and zip files, but nothing that disqualifies the program.

Norton 360 is sold in three versions, Standard, Deluxe and Premium. Standard is a subscription for a computer, and therefore lacks a parental control function, but otherwise the functions are the same in all packages. Deluxe gives you a license for five installations and Premium for ten. The other difference between the three packages is that you get different amounts of storage space in the cloud storage that is included for a backup function in the program.

Dual interfaces

The Norton 360 has a somewhat strange layout in terms of interface, with two different home screens to choose from where the first one just feels unnecessary, even though it provides faster shortcuts to a handful of functions. They are not difficult to find inside the main program, which is neatly laid out and smartly divided into simple categories. Those who want to dig deep into functions and settings can do so in a separate menu, where most things can be controlled in detail, but for most users there are a handful of quick settings that are more easily accessible.

Norton 360 Deluxe

The program provides effective virus and web protection, including complete email protection and active bank protection on extra sensitive web pages. However, this particular function can be a little difficult to find. It is included in the Safe Web browser extension available for Chrome and Edge, and needs to be activated there once manually after installation. Here we also find some extra security features for Facebook and Twitter. What they do in reality, however, we have a hard time saying, they do not affect the experience of everyday use.

Among the program’s bonus features, we find several useful tools. You get an easy-to-use password manager that also allows you to save card information, addresses and loose notes in a secure password-protected environment, as well as a password generator if you are too lazy to come up with new ones yourself. You get a file backup function that can save an archive of important files locally or in the included cloud storage location. It’s 50 GB for 360 Deluxe and 75 GB for 360 Premium, which all users share.

A few bonus features

And you get some other small but smart features like webcam control, quiet mode with minimal alerts, hard disk defragmenter, easy to clean unnecessary files and convenient control of which programs start automatically with Windows. A simple but well-functioning VPN service is also included. It is fast, but quite limited in function and choice of servers.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Finally, Norton has a feature-rich parental control that is administered via a web interface. You get category-based content blocking divided into age groups, scheduled internet time and monitoring, the ability to block programs and apps and geographical location. Setting up a computer or mobile for monitoring is a bit cumbersome, but once started, it is easy to use.

Norton does not offer a huge amount of features compared to some of the competitors. But the quality of them is consistently high, and it is a software package that is suitable both for a more computer-savvy user and after a bit of initial tricking also for fully automatic operation in the background.


Product name: Norton 360 Deluxe
Contact: NortonLifelock
Firewall: Yes
Email protection: Yes
Parental control: Yes
Separate bank protection: Yes
Swedish interface: Yes
Other: Password manager, secure searches, backup, system optimization, webcam control, vpn
System Requirements, Windows: Windows 7 or later, 1 GHz cpu, 2 GB ram
Multiplatform: Windows, Mac, Android, IOS
Price example: NOK 599 (1 year, 5 units)