Test: Roccat Elo 7.1 Air headset – great features for the money

Tested product: Roccat Elo 7.1 Air
Award: SEK 1,099 at Proshop

Design and comfort

Roccat Elo 7.1 Air consists of the headset itself, a small USB audio interface that is connected to the computer and a charging cable. It is fully compatible with PC, unfortunately not for the different consoles on the market. In the Turtle Beach Roccat Elo series, the 7.1 Air is their wireless and most expensive version.

Rating 3 out of 5


Although this is the most expensive headset in Roccat’s new headset series, the Roccat Elo 7.1 Air is still a wireless headset that is in the lower price range. With this in mind, the Roccat Elo Air 7.1 gives you great value for money.


  • Good sound at a low price.
  • The software offers a lot of customization.
  • Battery life is impressive.


  • Short range for microphone.
  • Heavy after long use.

The headphones are designed with a wide metallic frame that goes over the headband and creates a stylish design, not unlike different exclusive headphones in a much higher price range. The strap that sits closest to the head is padded, soft and comfortable.

The headphones must be adapted for all head sizes, even though it is not possible to adjust in length. We do not completely agree with that, as it can be a bit tight for bigger heads and also heavy after a long game session. However, the headphones are stable on the head, you can move quickly and wildly without them coming off.

Roccot Elo 7.1 Air

The headphone cabinets are very soft and comfortable. They can be rotated in different directions, which is especially handy when you want to take off your headphones and let them rest against the collarbone without disturbing them. The outside of the headphone cabinets are equipped with RGB lighting. It can not be turned off, but you can choose which colors they should shine in once you have downloaded the software. We experience the lighting as something sad, but considering the price, we can not expect anything grand either.

The settings are located on the back of the left headphone cover. There you can adjust the volume for both sound and microphone, mute the microphone, turn off and on the headphones and connect the external charger. However, the settings are difficult to access without removing the headphones, which is a bit annoying when you want to change something in the middle of a match. It is also possible to change the settings in the computer, which means that it does not have to be a crucial problem.

Sound quality

If you want to make full use of this headset, it is crucial to download and install the software, because once you have done this, the sound will be significantly improved! In the software you can change several settings that affect the sound quality, both for sound and microphone.

The 7.1 surround sound works very well when you play. You hear footsteps around you and can easily distinguish where shots and other crucial sounds come from. There is also a function called “Superhearing” which should lift the low-pitched sounds further (for example, footsteps, when someone reloads a weapon and the like). It works perfectly well, although it is difficult to determine exactly how much it affects the sound. However, the superhearing function can cause the quality of the other, normal-high sounds to deteriorate.

Roccot Elo 7.1 Air software

In terms of range, you can easily move a good distance from your computer without breaking the sound, even though you have closed doors in between. However, the range of the microphone is not very impressive, if you walk a few meters outside the room with the computer or close the door to the room your computer is broken the speech immediately.

The microphone is bendable and can be easily switched on / off if desired. The quality is perfectly okay, neither more nor less than what can be expected from a headset microphone. The sound is clear and distinct. You can play with settings in the software even for the microphone, which makes it sound a little better, but the difference is marginal.


To start using the headphones, plug them in and then plug a USB into your computer. It’s all it takes to make them work, but as mentioned earlier, the software is necessary to get a nice sound.

The headset has 24 hours of battery life, which we give approved. Roccat Elo Air 7.1 means that the battery should be enough for one week of use, this presupposes that you only use it 2-4 hours a day. Regardless of this, the headset is worth buying.

In addition to Superhearing and 7.1 surround, there is a bonus built-in voice modification in the software where you can make your voice darker, brighter and distorted in different ways. Maybe not a feature that is reason to use often, but definitely a fun detail.

Roccot Elo 7.1 Air


You can not count on revolutionary sound quality, but it is certainly not bad in any way. The headphones do their job, both in terms of sound when gaming and in other uses. A disadvantage, depending on what you want to do, is that you may need to change the settings in the software continuously to get optimal sound quality.

If you are looking for a wireless headset that performs on average well in all different areas and which is also very affordable, then Roccat Elo 7.1 Air is a top option.


Product name: Roccat Elo 7.1 Air
Tested: October 2020
Manufacturer: Turtle Beach
Connection: Usb
Surround: 7.1
Works to: Pc
Rec. Award: SEK 1,099
Award: SEK 1,099 at Proshop