TEST: Sandberg USB Webcam Pro + 4K: – webcam with high resolution

Sandberg USB Webcam Pro + 4K is one of the cheapest webcams with 4k resolution we can find on the Swedish market. 4k resolution is crazy too much for most video calling services, but may come in handy for those of you who will use it in other contexts. Maybe you want to record yourself when playing games for your Twitch channel, or you want to use the webcam to record pre-recorded videos for work purposes.

Rating 2 out of 5


Sandberg USB Webcam Pro + 4K is an excellent example that resolution is not everything. Our material with this camera is significantly worse in many respects compared to several other, cheaper cameras. We would recommend spending the money on another model instead.


  • 4k resolution at a relatively low price
  • Integrated privacy protection
  • Nice white balance


  • Swaying autofocus
  • Terrible microphone

Tested product: Sandberg USB Webcam Pro + 4K
Award: SEK 830 at Proshop.

Do best outside of video calls

In addition to the high resolution, USB Webcam Pro + 4k is also the only webcam we tested that comes with privacy protection in the form of a small piece of plastic we can shoot out over the lens. Otherwise, we recognize the design from other tested models, with the classic clamp and standard bracket for stand underneath.

Sandberg USB Webcamera Pro + 4k
This small cover can be placed over the lens to prevent anyone unauthorized from using it to look at us.

Sandberg is a typical example of a camera that does best outside of video conferencing. Partly because we in services such as Zoom and Skype still can not take advantage of the high resolution, but also because USB Webcam 4k Pro + encounters other problems when we use it in these contexts.

Blurred worse

The autofocus is very personal. We have to sit close to the camera and feel free to move a little so that it notices us and finds focus. It often gives up and instead chooses to just let us be blurred throughout the meeting.

This is of course sad when we bought a 4k webcam in the hope of succeeding in delivering really crisp results. Otherwise, both white balance, color and contrast are very flattering, even if the exposure is a bit high which makes us stand out. In darker environments, we do not see ourselves at all.

Sandberg USB Webcamera Pro + 4k
This is what we mostly look like when we use Sandberg’s camera, slightly eroded and very blurred. But in high resolution!

The microphone is also nothing further, apart from a constant buzz, the webcam’s problems with autofocus are noticeable here as well. From time to time, a clicking sound is heard both for us and other meeting participants when it is looking for us in the picture.


Tested: October 2020
Model: Sandberg USB Webcam Pro + 4K
Wide angle: 70 degrees
Resolution: 3264×2448 pixels, 30 fps.
Software: No.
Connections: Usb 2.0
Microphone: Stereo microphone.
Mounting: Clamped on
Other: Comes with a cover that can be placed on top of the lens.
Rec. Award: SEK 1,159
Award: SEK 830 at Proshop.