Test: Sony’s glass speakers look good and useless

Tested product: Sony LSPX-S3
Award: Costs SEK 3,990 at complete.se

Oh, Sony. How did you think? A glass speaker, sure! Place a lamp in the one whose light is reminiscent of a candle, why not? A speaker that sounds mediocre and has a sky-high price? No, would not believe it.

Rating 1.5 out of 5


If you have longed for a speaker that is expensive, sounds mediocre but that can simulate the glow of a candle, then this speaker is for you. If you do not do any of the above, then this is not the speaker for you.


  • Missing wifi
  • Missing Spotify Connect
  • Bad sound
  • Unable to connect to multi-room
  • Sick animal

The Sony LSPX-S3 is basically a speaker with a glass tube. The bottom consists of the speaker and its controls. The speaker is charged via usb-c, cord included, but no charger. In the glass tube is a diode that lights up really cozy when darkness falls. The glass tube should also help spread the music. The construction feels solid. In terms of design, it is reminiscent of something that had a half-bad day at Bang & Olufsen. It’s good looking, but it’s not crazy.

Glass speakers

Misses all the fun

So, what can this speaker do? Well, you can connect your phone / computer / tablet via bluetooth to listen to music. That’s all. Should you presumably own two speakers, you can use them as a stereo pair. Wifi? No. Multirum? Nope. Spotify Connect? Nä. Candle Simulator? Check!

There you have the functions. If you download the Sony Music App, you get a couple more, as more options to adjust the sound. That’s right, it also has a built-in microphone, so you can receive phone calls.

Mediocre sound

In terms of sound, this one ends up far behind both smaller and cheaper speakers. A Sonos Roam runs circles around this one – not just in terms of sound. Roam can be connected to Sonos speaker system. And it’s cheaper. The sound emanating from the Sony LSPX-S3 is mediocre at best. Hard words, we know, but then we have not even mentioned the price.

The treble is not very chiseled, the base is meh and there is no middle register. It simply does not sound good. Imagine a bluetooth speaker that you bought at a gas station for five hundred kroner. It’s about as it sounds.

According to Sony, “the organic glass tube should vibrate and deliver unsurpassed clear sound that spreads 360 degrees so you can listen to music wherever you are”.

A moment.
Excuse me, but sometimes it’s hard to just stick with it.

So, back to the Sony LSPX-S3. Well, how it would sound without the “organic” glass tube, we do not know. But not a thousand, the sound is clear. Or unsurpassed. It is okay. Not more.

Charged via usb-c. Cable included, but not charger

In candlelight mode, the lighting flickers like a candle. You can select a steady light, flickering or that it should flash to the music being played. However, the differences are negligible. Something Sony is aware of, as it says to read in the manual: “When it is difficult to determine if the unit is in Candle mode, then change the light flutter setting”. But it’s still a nice feature. A very expensive one.

Sick pricing

Had this thing cost 1,500 kronor, the text would have been more forgiving, even positive. Sony LSPX-S3 costs SEK 4,000 in store. So, it’s absolutely bizarrely expensive! The previously mentioned Sonos Roam costs SEK 2,200 and sounds superior and has more and better functions. However, do not feature candles.

If you buy the above-mentioned Roam, you have SEK 1,800 left over. You can then buy 15 50-packs candles from Ikea for the money or three fake light for SEK 300. Or you buy a glorified candle with a slightly sunken sound for SEK 4,000.

To sum up: Mediocre sound, nice light and not even close to worth the price.


Tested: November 2020
Model: LSPX-S3
Manufacturer: Sony
Type: Bluetooth speaker
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery life: About 8 hours
Frequency reproduction: 20 – 20 000 Hz
Hands-free function: Yes
Active voice control assistant: No
Weight: 1.1 kg
Size: (diameter x height) 94 x 289 mm
Rec. Price for test: SEK 3,500
Award: Costs SEK 3,990 at complete.se