TEST: Triart Play rental film – unique range of rental films and series

Tested service: Triart Play

The odd bird in our big test of rental movie services is also the most niche. But not in a negative sense. Triart Play offers a lot of productions you will not find in other services, such as some foreign films that otherwise do not find our latitudes. Among these we can mention the Japanese anime film Your Name. This title is in our sample and interestingly enough, it is exclusive to Triart Play. The film is not available from the other rental film services.

Rating 3 out of 5


Swedish Triart Play is a different rental film service with a unique range. Thus, it is not entirely fair to compare it with other rental movie services we have tested. However, Tria Aart Play stands on its own two feet with clear menus, ingenious categories and an associated subscription service. All that is needed now is a mobile application for smoother playback and offline functions.


  • Unique range.
  • Easy navigation.


  • Missing mobile app.
  • No possibility of offline playback.

The categories are easy to understand and divide the films into whimsical themes such as J-Horror, Restored, Max von Sydow and Mother’s Day to name a few. We also appreciate the info boxes during each movie. Where you can read details about the current film, who have been involved in the production as well as shorter reviews written by Triart themselves.

Triathlon Play 1

All titles in the offer are available for rent, but for those who prefer subscription services, Triart Play also offers one at a fixed monthly cost. If you want to filter out rental or streaming movies, there is the option to do so, through a large and visible button at the menus.

Only for browsers

The actual availability of the films, however, is somewhat limited. We can only stream the titles directly on the site, with the option to “cast” the broadcast on a Chromecast. For mobile use, we must use any browser. The site’s players are more than approved for the purpose, and since these are narrower movies, no extra features such as 4k or similar are required.

Triad 2

However, we would have liked a dedicated app for mobiles and smart TVs. Especially considering that far from all browsers support the html format required to play the movies. Other benefits of an app can be offline playback. Right now, that feature is completely missing.

For payment of movies, we can choose between credit cards and, conveniently, the payment service Swish. The films are in turn available for 48 hours, just like in the other services. But given the slightly narrower and different range, it is not fair to compare Triart Play with the other services. However, we dare say that it is an excellent alternative when you feel for completely different films than the usual Hollywood productions.

Facts Triart Play

Tested: November 2020
Cheapest price: 39 kronor
Most expensive price: 159 kronor
Payment: Credit Card, Swish
Offline playback: No
Format: Browser, with the ability to “cast”