The 4 most popular computer game genres – Swedish PC Gamer

There are many different genres of games, divided according to how players interact with the games, the concept behind the games and what you actually do in them. Games rarely fit into just one genre or category, but game genres are still a popular way to browse, and find new, games. Here we take a look at some of them most popular game genres today!

Sports betting
Sports games come in many different forms, and their main theme is of course always sports. Most games in this genre therefore recreate an individual sport in digital form. Players can often play against the computer, but sports betting is also a genre that is very popular to play in multiplayer. Betting on real sports games is also very popular today, and there are lots of sites like that Comeon where users play this type of betting game. Sport is one of the oldest genres of computer and console games, and still one of the most popular. Examples of some popular sports games include FIFA, PES and Shaun White Snowboarding.

Action games
Action games are fast-paced games that focus on physical challenges. To be good at action games requires both quick reflexes and excellent coordination between eye and hand. Within this genre, you will find first-person shooters, platform-oriented games, different variants of combat games and survival games, and more. Action games are also something that has been around for a very long time, and was the most popular genre during the arcade period. There are plenty of well-known action titles, such as Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto to name a few.

Adventure games
Adventure games focus on storytelling and puzzles rather than combat. In adventure games, you explore different things, and you often follow a story that is shaped as you solve puzzles and solve challenges. Games that are text-based and interactive stories also fall into the category of adventure games. Some games that have stood the test of time in this genre are The Walking Dead and Life is Strange. Action adventures are a common combination of genres that often succeed in the market.

Role play
Role-playing or RPG is a very immersive type of game that allows the player to control the main character in a detailed game world, often filled with many other characters. Popular subcategories in this game genre include Japanese role-playing games (also known as JRPGs) and online role-playing games (MMORPGs). JPRG is focused on a player and offers in-depth and immersive gaming experiences with detailed characters and stories. An example of a JPRG game is Final Fantasy. MMORPG allows you to play with other players online, and collaborate and compete against each other. A couple of popular games of this kind are World of Warcraft and Eve Online.

Simulation games
Simulation games are games that mimic and simulate aspects of real life. These games are often strategic and allow you to run businesses, build cities and interact with people. One of the most popular games in the genre is The Sims, where you can simulate whole families with lots of aspects such as relationships, careers and hobbies. Realistic simulation games can in some cases also be instructive, as the example of flight simulators in flight training shows. Many sports games also fall into the category of simulation games because they mimic real sports.
Games like the hugely popular Minecraft ends up in a somewhat separate category, often called sandbox (sandbox), where the focus is on building and surviving in creative ways in fictional worlds.