The action-RPG Stray Blade is reassembled and promises a release in 2022

Two years ago, Gamescom 2019 was the opportunity to discover for the first time Stray Blade, an action-RPG after all largely inspired by a famous license that has dominated the genre for a few years. A virus later, the previous 2021 edition of an equally distant Xbox Stream will have been the opportunity to discover a trailer worthy of the name.

It is unfortunately through about thirty seconds of a pr-alpha version that it will once again be necessary to take advantage of the medieval and yet colorful universe of Stray Blade, which promises to arrive in 2022 on PC, PS5 and (obviously) Xbox Series.

It’s very Blade, anyway

Fortunately, the publisher 505 Games will take advantage of this new, still very brief preview to fire an anachronistic burst of bullet points destinies trace the contours of the Acra Valley, a world ravaged by war. Logical, when we know that the developers call themselves Point Blank. Well, be careful not to overdo it either, eh, you might see yourself:

  • Go on an unforgettable journey and learn about Acra’s history and legacy. Learn about the history that made this peaceful valley a place haunted by war and death. Use this knowledge to destroy relics of the past and restore peace to the valley.
  • The hyper-reactive combat system allows more speed and precision in order to control the progress of the battle. Between strategic anticipation of the enemy’s attacks and millimeter reactions by crossing swords, this is the culmination of hand-to-hand combat.
  • On your journey, every victory has consequences. Time passes even if you die. Go back to where you have won and witness the change you have made. But beware ! Your actions will lead to greater challenges.
  • The colorful world of Acra stretches from wasteland ruins to ice caves and winding canyons. With your companion, explore the nooks and crannies of a constantly changing world teeming with adventure. Each discovery hides a treasure. Find rare materials, recipes, weapons and knowledge and beautiful landscapes.
  • Meet the god-kings who caused the loss of the land. End their legacy and free the land from the shadows of the old age. Collect their powers to unveil the mysteries of Acra. New regions are waiting to be unlocked.
  • Adventurer and Boji have separate skill trees. The adventurer gains experience in battle, while that of Boji, a craftsman, increases by finding pieces of ancient knowledge.

This should let us think that Stray Blade should still honor his appointment in 2022, and we will unveil a more advanced version by now. So does the honor of a knight, after all.