The activities that await in Tales of Arise

Social interactions and cooking!

In this latest clip from Bandai Namco, we get a slightly clearer picture of the activities players can take part in alongside the story and the battles in the upcoming role-playing game Tales of Arise. While exploring a beautiful world is a given in my opinion, I hope more that Tales of Arise will offer many wonderful animated sequences. Players can look forward to fishing and collecting raw materials on farms and then cooking it together by the campfire for tasty meals for the heroes – which gives them various effects.

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At the campfire, it is also possible to take part in the series’ traditional “skits” (dialogues and cold talks between the heroes that give the player more insight into their personalities). In Tales of Arise, these must be reworked, but the exact way in which they have changed remains to be seen. Previous Tales of games have only been portrait dialogs. In the trailer, it looks like these are complete sequences with animation and voice acting.

We will probably see more activities in addition to these, such as crafting and side missions. There is still time for more announcements like this then Tales of Arise will not be released until September 10 and then for Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and for PC.