The alarm: Klarna users could see other people’s information in the app

Update at 4.20 pm:

Can log in again

Klarna now announces on its status page that users can log in again via Technical details about what may have caused Thursday’s incident have not yet been shared by the company.

Update at 15.00:

CEO regrets “self-inflicted incident”

Klarna still keeps a low profile about the incident and what may have caused it, and the app is still unavailable according to the status page. Now, however, the company’s CEO, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, commented briefly on Twitter.

“It is sad and frustrating to realize that we have had a self-inflicted incident that has affected some of our users’ privacy,” he writes, adding that it is a 30-minute window into the event itself.

The word “self-inflicted” at least suggests that Klarna was not subjected to any type of attack that led to the incident. Siemiatkowski promises clear communication about what happened and assures that you do everything you can to prevent something similar from happening again.


Klarna users saw other people’s information

DI Digital and several other media report that the payment giant Klarna has major problems with its app. Users who logged in on Thursday morning were met by other users’ purchase, payment and personal information. Fortunately, the full account number should not have been displayed.

We at PC för Alla have also now received emails from affected users.

At the moment, it is not possible to log in to Klarna via the app at all, and users receive a short-cut message about service interruptions. Also the company’s status page indicates the app as down at the moment.

Klarna has not yet published any further information about the serious incident, but states Breakit that one is working too hard to solve the problem.