The Banner Saga developers seem to be working on an MMO

Over two years ago went The Banner Sagatrilogy in goal with a third part that Joakim Kilman described as “a nice ending despite a little carelessness at the finish” in his review. Since then, it has been mostly quiet about Stoic, but that does not mean that they have worked quietly in the meantime.

Via PCGamesN we have been told that the studio has released a bunch of job advertisements that indicate that they are working on an MMO. On the one hand, they are looking for a “combat designer” who will come up with ideas for an action game with a high tempo, and has experience with live service games.

As PCGamesN points out, they were looking already last year after staff with MMO experience, so they at least have something in the making. When we can expect more information remains to be seen, but we will of course share it as soon as it reaches us.