The best hand controls for Iphone and Ipad – they will be better this autumn

With a wireless controller connected to an Apple gadget, you can get a lot of gaming fun. Although the mobile versions of many popular games are well adapted for touch screens, there is still a big difference in precision and agility if you use a hand control.

IOS, Ipad OS and TV OS have long had support for hand controls with Made for i certification, hand controls that specifically work with Apple’s various IOS-based systems and often also with a computer. But in the fall of 2019, Apple also added support for Sony’s and Microsoft’s controllers for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, respectively, the best controllers on the market.

Apple seems to have decided that iOS players deserve the best, and has therefore continued to invest in precisely these controllers. IOS 14.5 added support for the latest models, Playstation 5’s Dualsense and Xbox Series X controller. In this autumn’s system update, these will be even better. It is clear that anyone who wants a good controller, which is compatible with various Apple products, computer and game console should choose one of these.

Smart triggers

For those who do not have or plan to get an Xbox, it is Sony’s Dualsense control that currently seems to take the prize as the best hand control for Iphone, Ipad and Apple TV. Apple has in fact baked in support for the controller’s special trigger, whose resistance is variable and can be adapted to the game. For example, if you drag an arc string in a game, the developer can make the trigger itself slower the longer you press it.

Developers will be able to easily add support for the Dualsense triggers, hopefully it will show up in many games. If nothing else, we expect it to at least show up in the games for Apple Arcade.

Record video and take screenshots

Another novelty is that the share button on both the Playstation and Xbox controllers will have a function. When you long press on it, the system starts recording the screen to a buffer that lasts for the last 15 seconds. Long press the share button to end the recording, which is then saved in Pictures so you can share it with others. Apple has chosen 15 seconds to not eat up all the storage space on the device, while making it possible to capture cool sequences in the game you did not even know were on the way.

A short press on the button instead saves a screenshot to Images.


Global and individual settings

The new systems will also have a new section in Settings where you will be able to set how the controller works and can change the location of buttons, direction of joysticks and more. You can do this globally for all games or individually per game. For example, if you are bothered that a particular game has selected a set of buttons that have the buttons for jumping and attacking the opposite of how it is in games you are used to, you can change places on them.

Apple has also made sure that developers can easily show the right button in games. The symbols displayed in the game match the controller you use and adapt to any changes you have made in Settings. For example, say you have swapped places on x and y and the developer has instructed to press x. Then yi will appear in the game instead.