The block sees nothing wrong with scalpers

It is no secret that there is a lot of Playstation 5 on the block right now at an extremely high price, but this is also not something the block thinks is wrong.

There have been many discussions on the internet about how Scalpers sells, among other things, the next-gen consoles at a much higher price tag than what they actually cost in stores. The reason is perhaps not entirely unexpected because these consoles are not in stock and then what are called scalpers fit to earn a penny.

This is something many people think is wrong gaming site FZ chose to contact Blocket to see what is really happening and what they think about this.

The answer Blocket received, however, is that they do not see anything wrong with this, they believe that if you get an item sold, it is a reasonable price. However, it is not allowed to sell your pre-bookings of the consoles, you must have the console physically to be able to sell it.

In short, it is the market that controls the price and that they do not see anything wrong with what is happening right now or that they intend to take any action at all. However, maybe this says something against Blocket themselves as they were quite quick to stop the high prices for hand alcohol and mouth protection when it exploded at Blocket this spring, maybe a bad comparison but the principle is the same.

The block statement that FZ received:

Private trade is largely affected by external factors and in general we can see that societal events are reflected in the secondary market. We can see that, for example, attractive goods with limited availability go up in price because that is how the market works. This applies to housing in attractive areas, art, classic cars and most things that people have an interest in owning.

We have also seen other examples of sudden price peaks, such as when O’boy milk chocolate ran out and some tried to sell their package that had been in the pantry for the past year for thousands of kronor. Or when some people tried to sell phones with the app Flappy Bird, when there had been a lot of attention around it.

The release of a new Playstation or a new Xbox is a big event for avid gamers but also for many, many others who find it fun to play. Of course, there will be a lot of pressure and some will not get a device from the first release.

Given our large and central role in many people’s lives, we conduct solid customer service and customer safety work. And in this case, we verify, among other things, that the sellers actually have the product so that no one is cheated. For example, we only allow sales if you have the product at home and our security team closely monitors developments.

When it comes to pricing, the opportunities for us as a private player to intervene or regulate prices are limited, but there is self-regulation through the market. If someone wants to buy a gadget at a certain price, it is a reasonable price for the product. If the seller sets an unreasonable price, there will be no sale.