The Bta is a real hit on Steam

Back 4 Blood’s early access to Bta was successful, which shows that cooperative play of this type still has a very bright future ahead of it. Here is what to remember.

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The spiritual sequel to Left 4 Dead, which you can read our preview on Gameblog, is currently in Bta. And this one is certainly very frequent according to SteamDB. Indeed, the game of Turtle Rock almost had a peak of 100,000 simultaneous players, which is quite simply standard for this type of experience, especially when it comes to people who have pre-ordered or drawn lots. Let us remember that the Bta, open for all, is held from August 12 to 16.

Zombie slaughter the shovel

As of this writing, 76,000 players have been sneaking around the zombie in the last 24 hours. The enthusiasm can be explained in several ways: the very clear expectation for a Left 4 Dead 3, the confidence in the studio, which knows the genre well, and the love for the Left-4-Dead-like cooperative game. .

It must be said that the bridge developers have done things very well and have so far succeeded in offering the community a game that has been in demand for a very long time. It remains to be seen if the title will continue on this launch from October 12th. Especially since these are only numbers for the PC and yet Back 4 Blood is also available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X / S.