The camera and screen of the Iphone 12 impossible to repair without Apple tools

Repairing a broken Iphone has never been very easy, but in recent years it has only gotten harder and harder.

After the launch of the Iphone XS and XR, repair companies and home fixers discovered that it is no longer possible to change the battery without completing the change with System Configuration, an online tool Apple makes available to its own stores and authorized repair companies.

Now reports Ifixit that Apple has gone even further with the Iphone 12 family and now the replacement of the screen and cameras must also be activated with System Configuration.

For cameras, the problem is extra serious as they simply stop working properly. Screen replacements work, but IOS shows an occasional warning that the component may not be genuine (even if it comes directly from another new Iphone 12), just like with battery replacement.

Ifixit is a big advocate for the right to repair and takes the opportunity to promote it, but also acknowledges that there is a point in warning users about components that do not come from Apple. Anyone who pays for a repair that promises genuine goods has a hard time deciding for themselves whether, for example, a new battery really comes from Apple.