The Chromebook can increase its lifespan as a surfing machine

If a Chromebook stops supporting and does not receive updates, this may mean that some sites will no longer return the device.

This is different, for example, from a PC with Windows where the user, if their version of Windows stops being supported, can still always install a later version unless they are sitting on very old hardware.

It is expected that more and more Chromebook users will be affected by this issue and now Google says they are working to do something about it.

During a press conference in connection with Chrome OS’s 10th anniversary, Alexander Kuscher, head of product management for Chrome OS, says that Google already started to oppose this in 2019 when they extended the support for Chromebooks to eight years.

Google will also work with manufacturers regarding resellers who, for example, try to sell their stocks of older Chromebooks through sale offers.

Google will also work to ensure that all Chromebooks have access to the latest Chrome browser update, even if they do not have the latest version of the operating system.

According to Google’s estimates, 50 new Chromebooks will be released in 2021.

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