The circle is closed – Auto Chess Moba has been announced!

Two years ago, hobby developers released Drodo Dota Auto Chess, a chess-like “auto battler” mod for the moba game Dota 2. The success was immediate and led to Dota 2creators Valve launched its own variant Dota Underlords, while Drodo developed the standalone title Auto Chess.

Now the circle closes then Auto Chess Moba has been announced, a spin-off of Auto Chess, which in a more direct way will compete with Dota 2 (and League of Legends). Below you see a four minute long advertising video where Loring Lee – CEO of Auto Chesspublishers Dragonest, which also released a mobile mobile game in 2015 – explains that the success of Auto Chess has “revived the feeling and confidence to develop competitive games”, and that they therefore want to return to the moba battlefield.

The key words are “justice”, “competition” and “auto chess”, and all heroes will be free for all players, to make the matches as even as possible. Auto Chess Moba also aims to be beginner-friendly while keeping the skill ceiling high, and Loring Lee looks forward to listening to suggestions from fans. Auto Chess Moba is so far only advertised for mobiles, but because Auto Chess also debuted on mobiles before it was launched via Epic Games Store so we coldly expect a PC version to wait this time as well.

Here is the promotional video for Auto Chess Moba.