The cooperative mode is also rejected, explanations

Just like taking off from a rocket, however successful it may be, launching a game can be complicated, and lead to nasty chain reactions. Coincidence or coincidence, that of Halo Infinite has just suffered a new damage.

The horizon seemed to brighten up for the sixth adventure of Master Chief: after a postponement of a calendar year, the one that will not be the launching game of the Xbox Series X | S took advantage of favorable winds to open the beta by surprise. from its multiplayer mode to all potential Spartans, and everything finally seemed to be back to normal for Infinite Halo. 43 Industries even announced the arrival of the first Fracture Tenrai event for the next few days.

It was really not his war

But even as our house Spartan could finally give you his reassured impressions of the Halo Infinite solo, the developers are announcing a new postponement: that of the cooperative mode of the main campaign. This summer, the Co-op and Forge modes had already been moved, and were expected for the launch of Season 2, and for that of Season 3, respectively, later.

Unfortunately for the players, the recent postponement of said season 2 to May 2022 postpones the launch of the Coop ‘mode by as much, as the creative director Joseph Staten has just made official with our colleagues atEurogamer :

At the time where we talked about Co-op and Forge modes, I had said that our goal was to launch the first with Season 2 and the second with Season 3. We decided to extend Season 1, so our goal remains the same.

This is a goal that we hope to achieve: we cannot commit to any firm dates at this time, because as we have seen with the multiplayer beta, other elements could take priority.

“Ready when you are”

So you will have understood: the arrival of a campaign playable in co-op ‘in May 2022 is no longer even a certainty, and Staten reminds that the taking into account of recent returns already largely occupied the teams of 343 Industries.. Halo Infinite players could therefore expect new surprises, and not necessarily good ones.

Let us recall the declarations of the same Joseph Staten last August regarding the titanic project represented by the new adventures of Master Chief:

We discussed it, but we came to the conclusion that Halo Infinite is a “live” game, and it will never really be “finished”: it will progress and evolve with each new season.

For those who do not care to go alone to discover his countryside, remember thatHalo Infinite will (finally) be available on December 8 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series.