The CS: GO manager reveals what his new acquisition earns

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator Henry “HenryG” Greer has left the profession that made him famous in the e-sports world. It was earlier in September that he told about the career change and instead jumped in as general manager of the North American team Cloud9. With his expertise in the game and the professional scene, he has already started to change things that were previously considered taboo.

For example, HenryG now goes out with its players’ salaries. In the past, the players’ finances have largely been a secret in the industry. This has been a big difference from the traditional sports, where salaries often become public as soon as players get new contracts, as well as what the transfer fee landed on.

After several new acquisitions, the most famous player is now Özgur “Woxic” Eker, whose salary was not specified after discussion with the player’s former team Mousesports. Instead, the total amount for the transfer and salary was mentioned, where the entire package landed at $ 1.365 million over a three-year period.