The Day Before is a new ambitious survival mmo, check out the trailer!

2019 was released The Wild Eight via Steam, an intense survival adventure where eight players found themselves stranded in Alaska. And now the developers Fntastic are back with a similar concept, albeit seemingly several times more ambitious; check out the five minute long advertising trailer for The Day Before below!

The DivisionThe vibes are really noticeable as the events this time are located in a ruined American city during Christmas time. Also graphically holds The Day Before even steps with The Division, and the richness of detail is often striking. The game is described as a survival mmo where both hostile players and carnivorous infected people want to kill you, along with a malicious weather. Sure, the concept is far from original, but if the game is as refined as it is nice, we may well have a new multiplayer sensation going on here.

The Day Before released “soon” via Steam. Here is the advertising trailer.