The developer talks about chaotic Cyberpunk launch

The launch of the long-awaited role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 has been anything but smooth for the developers at CD Projekt Red. While the PC version has been hailed among those who played it with powerful modern hardware, the criticism has been, to say the least, from console players and PC gamers with older hardware.

Now Marcin Iwiński, one of the company’s two founders, spoken out about what happened before the launch in December, and apologizes to console gamers whose trust he and the other developers have shattered.

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According to Marcin Iwiński, the big problem with older consoles is that they do not have time to load all the resources required when you move around the megacity where it takes place. The slow hard drives made it extra difficult to optimize the code.

Marcin Iwiński also blames some of the problems on covid-19 and that the developers have made video calls that do not have the same dynamics as regular calls when everyone is sitting in the same room.

In the coming months, CD Projekt Red intends to release two both large and small updates to fix bugs and improve performance. Marcin Iwiński also promises free downloadable content later this year, and a version for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X that is free for those who bought the game for previous generation consoles.