The developers explain and justify the difficulty of the game

In these troubled times, few titles meet their deadlines, and even rarer those who have the luxury of bringing their release date forward. Sifu is one of them, and takes advantage of his status to set his conditions.

Incredible but true: a game announced in 2021 will be released on time, and even a little before. This game is Sifu, a kung fu game that announced its new release date last week, brought forward to February 8, 2022:

The privilege of age

In the process, the Sloclap studio detailed the aging mechanics of its hero, specifying that each death in play will result in an increase in the damage inflicted, and an increase in the life bar. And because we imagine that the rest of the grave is very gentle, the resurrection will be accompanied by skill points intended to enrich the panel of martial techniques, and therefore put more and more chances on its side.

But after a certain point, death will be firm and final, and it will therefore be necessary to start again from the beginning, not without keeping the fruit of the many observations made during a run. And because you always have to make your thoughts explicit, executive producer Pierre Tarno came to clarify Sifu’s rules to our colleagues from MP1st :

We want players to take Sifu as a challenge that encourages them to learn, improve and adapt. The possibility of rising from the ashes will allow new players to try their luck again in the face of difficulty. Every mistake has to be paid for, and it will necessarily be necessary to master the combat system to complete the game.

The one, the only

At a time when some commentators lacking inspiration do not hesitate to get on their high horse in order to defend the notion of challenge, Sloclap fully assumes its choice of game design, and is counting on the perseverance of players to come to the fore. end of Sifu. On the other side of the spectrum, the more skilled will even be able to attempt the perfect run:

MP1st : Let’s say I learned everything there was in Sifu and became a master of kung fu. Will it be possible to finish the game without ever dying or getting old?

Pierre Tarno : Yes !

The executive producer also says that no difficulty level will be offered at launch, but does not completely rule out the idea if the demand is felt. The Returnal jurisprudence recently reminded us that in this matter, anything was possible … This should meanwhile ensure a minimum of replayability, and make the happiness of trophy hunters, those who do not confuse walkers with game. Thanks to them.

Sifu will come to test your reflexes on February 8, 2022 on PS4 and PS5.