The developers start their teasing, a DLC in sight?

Celebrated by players looking for a challenge (and next-gen exclusives), Returnal will undoubtedly have marked the year 2021 with its sadistic seal. And because suffering is sometimes good, the developers could well extend the adventure.

The officials at Sony would they want to dig into the formula? A few months after their takeover and their integration into PlayStation Studios, the Finns of Housemarque seem to be at work, for what would be almost like an extension of the misadventures loop of Selene. So, back to Returnal?

Like a spiked helmet (s)

Without warning, Housemarque has just put online a visual, to say the least, enigmatic, which has not failed to pique the interest of players eager for a challenge:

For those who would have distanced themselves from Returnal, let us specify that Atropos is the name of the planet on which the action takes place, but also designates the famous lepidoptera with a death’s head made famous in particular thanks to the poster of the Silence of the Lambs. Like that, everyone locates.

The problem is that this rock that almost evokes Nightmare’s helmet in SoulCalibur does not appear in Returnal’s campaign, and we can therefore legitimately wonder what the developers are up to. It is an understatement to say that Housemarque has already taken care to maintain its PS5 exclusive, since after an update intended to correct some bugs and rebalance the gameplay proposed in June, version 2.0 of last month finally offered players the backup system demanded to body and cry from the release of the game.

From there to imagine that a DLC of families is already in preparation, there is only one step, which we will leave you the leisure to take or not in the comments below. We will obviously invite players who have already completed Returnal not to reveal the end of the game, even if it would be likely to raise many questions about “the after”. Thanking you.