The Elder Scrolls 6 Xbox and PC exclusive, Phil Spencer justifies himself

When a console builder or publisher buys a studio or another game publisher, it is obviously to improve its offer. Whether it’s exclusive games on a console, a service or simply to expand its catalog. In the eyes of some, however, this logic does not seem to apply when it comes to Microsoft. Phil Spencer must indeed regularly justify his intentions vis-à-vis the games produced by the studios bought by Microsoft.

The Elder Scrolls 6 should indeed be exclusive to Xbox platforms. This should come as no surprise given that Bethesda is owned by Microsoft. And yet, Phil Spencer continues to be questioned about the exclusivity of this highly anticipated sixth episode.

Phil Spencer has just toured the English-speaking media as part of Xbox’s 20th anniversary. And while he was questioned by the magazine’s website GQ, he was asked about the future of The Elder Scrolls VI. The Xbox boss has previously explained that Starfield, another upcoming Bethesda blockbuster, will only be released on Xbox and PC. And it will be the same for The Elder Scrolls 6.

The Elder Scrolls VI.

Bringing up Xbox exclusives takes diplomacy

Unsurprisingly, Phil Spencer approaches the subject in the most diplomatic way possible. According to him, there is no question of taunting users of other platforms. The head of Xbox explains that this choice of exclusivity is linked to all the features and services that now make up the gaming experience on Xbox:

There is no question of punishing another platform. I fundamentally believe in the possibility that all other platforms can continue to grow. But when we release a game on Xbox, I assure you that we are able to deliver all of what we have. And that applies to Elder Scrolls VI. This applies to any of our licenses that I can think of.

When Phil Spencer talks about what Microsoft “To, “he talks about services like Xbox Game Pass, cloud gaming, etc. So he wants games produced in-house to take full advantage of the entire Xbox ecosystem.

The Elder Scroll 6 is long overdue

Microsoft is currently looking to develop its Xbox Game Pass. Offering titles on it that are not available on other machines is clearly a way to gain subscribers. This reflection must therefore certainly also be taken into account. At least unofficially.

The American giant has let several of these titles appear on other platforms in recent years. Xbox Game Pass is going to make that rarer. Finally, remember that The Elder Scrolls VI, announced in 2018, does not yet have an announced release date.

What do you think of these new statements from Phil Spencer? Do you think he’s telling the whole truth about The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusivity? Could such a game get you to sign up for Xbox Game Pass? To buy an Xbox console? Tell us all in the comments below.